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Weather Extremes

Winter in Alaska

I’ve been thinking about the amazing ability of our bodies to adjust to all sorts of conditions like heat and cold. It was so nice to spend 10 days in Alaska out of this incessant 100 degree temps of Oklahoma.

While we were visiting Mrs. Senior Airman and Senior Airman (who, by the way, recently announced they are making us grandparents for the first time), the Good Chaplain and I were remarking on our first trip to Alaska from Georgia. It was 98 degrees and very humid, as are most Georgia summers, when we left Georgia for Alaska. Our first day in Fairbanks, the chapel folks were having  cookout to welcome us. The temp was about 70 and, if I remember correctly, it was kind of cloudy, but not raining. As the four of us crossed the field separating the chapel from the lodging facility we noticed one thing. The people at the cookout were all wearing shorts. We, however, thought it was cold and were wearing jeans and sweatshirts.

We soon learned how the body adjusts though. I’m sure many of you have seen the joke going around the internet, “You know you are from Minnesota or Alaska or some other cold state when you open the windows at 30 degrees.” We did that the next spring in Alaska.

At Eielson the rule of thumb was at 40 below, you bundled up.  At 30 below, you have your coat zipped and probably are wearing gloves. At 20 below, who needs gloves or a hat? At 10 below, definitely no hat or gloves and some diehards break out the shorts. At 10 above, if you have your coat on it is not zipped and at 30 above it’s a sweatshirt all the way.

I like cold weather better than hot, but the Good Chaplain is just the opposite. Ever since deploying to Bahrain and now Africa, his internal body thermometer is off and he thinks our 100-plus temps this summer are just fine,, but boy hit 40 degrees and he dresses for the bush in the middle of the winter in Alaska! My theory is “if you are cold, you can always put on more clothes, but you legally can only take off so much if you are too hot.”

I think the weather extremes are why God made heating and air conditioning. Now if I could only get the Good Chaplain to quit turning up the air!

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  1. And how is the good Chaplian now, all better? Hey congratulations on coming grandparenthood, that is wonderful! Perhaps I should come to Alaska, what do you think?

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