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Unmet expectations

broken_heart_images_12It is with a sad heart that I report that the Good Chaplain was not picked up for colonel. We are in shock, disbelief, angry, sad, disappointed and the list of adjective could go on and on. Suffice it to say, when he received a letter from his commander saying he was not selected, our sorrow was great.

It truly felt like someone had died. I guess a dream did. It’s not over. The Air Force is keeping us in Hawaii for another year so he can meet the colonel’s board again with hopes he will make it next time. Although that happens, it is rare. But we can still pray. Which I’ve been doing since before the list came out. I know God has a plan for the Good Chaplain, and He never let us down yet, but it so frustrating to not know what that plan is, how God plans to use us in the future or what He wants us to do. The Good Chaplain often asks God to make His intentions known loud and clear. Has He done that? Is this God’s call out of the Air Force chaplaincy? Right now life is as clear as mud, if you’ll excuse the cliché.

I’m spinning between confusion, sadness, anger, acceptance and back again. The Good Chaplain is going through the same cycle, but as Mrs. Staff Sergeant said, at least we are switching days for who is up and who is down.

I’m also trying to look at the positives, like I get to stay in lovely Hawaii another year. I get to keep the friends I’ve made and continue to make new ones. I have more time to explore these wonderful islands in which I live. I don’t have to move in just one year! Most of all, I am trying to be faithful to God and trust in Him as His plan for us unfolds. It isn’t easy, so please pray for us as we work our way through this.

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  1. Vicki, We are so sorry you received such devastating news! My David wrote your David a long e-mail today re your disappointment. I hope your Dave will share it with you. I know it doesn’t help that Dave leaves tomorrow for Korea and will be gone most of the month! He WILL make Colonel next time, so while he’s in Korea, bone up on Martha Stewart books, etc. on how to entertain BIG time! Hugs & prayers,Linda Date: Wed, 3 Apr 2013 01:32:53 +0000 To:

  2. I forgot to tell you in my storytime today I had a little girl and her mom who live in Honolulu.Boy, that’s a L-O-N-G way to come for storytime!But seriously, the mom said it was an 11 hour DIRECT flight from Honolulu to here. I had no idea it was that long! Date: Wed, 3 Apr 2013 01:32:53 +0000 To:

  3. dear Vicki, sorry to hear the news. Dave is a Colonel in my eyes and heart . Will pray that God’s plan is revealed to you both. It will be very rewarding I’m sure. Love y’all.

  4. Hi, Vicki, I can relateto dissappointmenst and unmet expectations.  Yet, a delight in this can be the time spent in prayer and meditation with God in a very special way that would never have occurred if things go as planned.  Praying for you both.  Love, Becky


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