The adventures of an Air Force spouse

To work or not to work?

“I’m a kept woman and I’m proud of it!” That’s how I describe myself when someone asks if I  work out of the home. Actually, they ask if I work; I add the outside the home, because everyone knows, or should, that a stay-at-home mom works plenty hard.

Lady in tubSo, what do I mean that I’m a kept woman? I mean that my children are grown and out of the house and I am not gainfully employed. I am a woman of leisure. I leach off my husband and I can only afford to do that because of his military career.

Spouse employment is always a concern for those of us lucky enough to marry a military person. When the Good Chaplain and I discussed his going into the Air Force, we decided that my job as a journalist was fairly portable and therefore I could get jobs easily. For the most part it is.

I joked that I would work until my daughters started school  full-time and then I would quit. It just happened to work out that way. The twins were six years old and in first grade when the Good Chaplain came on active duty. As sad as it sounds, his salary covered what the two of us made together in the real world.

Off and on, I dabble in the freelance market with some success. I published a few articles newspaperduring our first and second assignments and then we moved to Minot, ND and I got hired as a freelance writer by the local newspaper to cover the air base. That turned into a 40-hour work week most times. And I got to see and do some amazing things.
In California my career started out slowly, but by the time we left I was freelance writing for two newspapers. In Alabama, I worked as a freelance writer for the Alabama State University, followed that boss to the Civil Air Patrol headquarters, where I was a part-time employee and left there to work for a local newspaper as a full-time staff member.

Then came the work drought I hit in Alaska and then Oklahoma. That’s when I became a kept woman and decided I liked it that way. I volunteered and played with my fellow spouses and actually told spouses they did not want to get a job because it gets in the way of having fun!

Now that we are staying in Hawaii for another year, I decided to see if I could not revive my freelance career, at least for a while because occasionally, I feel guilty about sponging off the Good Chaplain, even though he doesn’t see it that way. In the meantime, I’m still volunteering and playing with my posse.

How about you? Are you having problems finding a job or a career or do you just want to play? Comment below.


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