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The Future Leaders of Our Nation

MOFW Medal
MOFW Medal

So, the Good Chaplain joined an organization called the Military Order of Foreign Wars. I don’t know too much about this group, but he enjoys the members and the work they are doing. Many of them are still on active duty.

One of the things the MOFW does is give awards to Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (JROTC) members, at least here in Hawaii. The past two weeks I accompanied the Good Chaplain to three awards ceremonies and I can tell you, overall, what I saw impressed me.

These high school kids are sharp! They display intelligence, discipline and order necessary for leadership in our military. I am not sure what the requirements are for JROTC, but I pray many of the leaders we saw will continue with ROTC in college and into the officer corps in whichever branch of the military they decide to join.

The number of girls in the leadership ranks of the various programs really stood out to the Good Chaplain and I. Girls were taking top awards for leadership, citizenship, academics, shooting, and fitness. It was great to see. Gone are the days when girls trained for behind the scenes activities. These young women are preparing for combat and for playing a large role in the defense of the nation.

Most of the cadets we talked to were polite, intelligent and enthusiastic. They areĀ involved with a group that helps them become the person they strive to be. Some even spoke about how their JROTC program saved them from a life less than they are capable of.

I feel good about this. I feel good about the idea that one day some of these youths will be leaders of our nation. I feel we will be in good hands, both in the military and out.

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