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Ten Reasons Why Minot is Special to Me


I know a lot of people don’t like Minot, or think they won’t like Minot. I often say those who don’t like Minot have never lived in Minot or on the air force base. Today I am going to list some reasons why I  liked Minot. These are in no particular order.

  1. Minot had not one, but three Dairy Queens.Dairy Queen Logo

This may not be a big deal for you, but when we lived in Alaska, the nearest Dairy Queen was in Seattle. Dairy Queen was a staple in my life growing up and I missed it.

  1. Minot also had a mall.

You could actually go into one store and not have to go outside to get to another one. Fairbanks had what we called halls, and most of the stores were not ones you shopped at  anyway.

  1. The town of Minot was only 11 miles from the base.

Fairbanks was 25 miles from the base. In both places, traveling to town in the wintertime was treacherous. At least in Minot we only had 11 miles of danger.

  1. People trust you in Minot.

It felt like we landed back in the 1950s. The Good Chaplain took in the car for some repairs when we first arrived. The mechanic needed to order a part. He said we could take the car until the part came in. The Good Chaplain tried to pay for the work, but the mechanic said he could pay when he finished all the work. This was our first week in town. We could not believe it.


  1. My good friend, Darcy, is from Minot.

I met her in Fairbanks, but she was a wealth of information about the city before we moved. She even gave me an introduction to her good friend who was a dental hygienist in town. I ended up going to that practice and I never had so much fun in a dentist’s office.

  1. I loved working for the daily newspaper.


Minot Daily News logoMy job covering the air force base for the daily newspaper was so much fun. I made some lifelong friends through the base public affairs office. And I  also keep in touch with my editor, Eloise. I learned a lot about the bomber and missile worlds along the way. I  know more about the mission at Minot than I did or do at any other base.


  1. Cold weather does not scare me.

Alaska is still my favorite assignment (or two, since we were there twice). So going through Minot’s winters was not a frightening prospect. Except the wind in Minot made it feel much colder sometimes.

  1. We were closer to home.


In Minot, we were only nine hours by car from our family in the Chicago suburbs. It was so nice not to have to spend big bucks on airfare to go home. Plus it was  easy. Take Highway 2 south to Bismarck, hang a left on I-94 and cruise on home.


  1. The acres and acres of sunflowers, flax, and canola.

Sunflower fields

It was such a beautiful sight to drive past acres of sunflowers with their blooms reaching up toward the sun. And nothing can beat the vibrant purple of a flax field next to the brilliant yellow of the canola fields. It was breathtaking.


  1. Last, but not least, the people.


People in Minot are  nice. Everyone worked worked together to survive the harsh weather conditions like blizzards and tornadoes.

I have not been in Minot since 2001. I know many changes are happening due to the oil boom in the state. But I pray that the people of Minot have not forgotten how to embrace these things that made my time there so special.


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