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North to Alaska

The Good Chaplain and I just returned from visiting Mrs. Senior Airman and Senior Airman. Yep, Senior Airman returned from his deployment and is home safe. Thank you Lord for bringing both our men home.

Our trip to visit them in Alaska was bittersweet. Unless our good friends actually act on their plans to move back, we

The Alaska-Canadian Highway offers stunning views along the way.won't have a reason to return. So we made the most of this visit and stopped at all our old haunts. It was a great time and we were happy to get out of the 100 plus degree weather in Oklahoma.As much as I anticipated this trip to see our daughter, it was nothing compared to the thrill of our move to Alaska the first time in 1995. What a magical time. We packed up our GMC Jimmy -- or I should say, I packed our GMC Jimmy -- drove from Georgia to Alabama to pick up the Good Chaplain and then on up to Illinois to say goodbye to family. We didn't really need to say goodbye because we knew most of them were already making plans to visit us. You can tell how popular your new place is by how many visitors you have. We had several the first tour of Alaska. When we lived in Georgia family and friends would stop by on their way to or from Florida, but they didn't really want to come to Georgia at all.Anyway, we took our sweet time getting up to Alaska. The Good Chaplain rigged a tv with a VHS (yes, VHS) player on a box in between the front bucket seats so our nine-year-olds would not get too bored on the long trips each day. But we made sure to stop and visit some sights along the way -- like Glacier National Park in Montana, where we climbed on glaciers while in our shorts! Or stopping at a "resort" in Canada which was a bunch of semi-truck trailers combined and renovated to make motel rooms. This one was a favorite of mine because of all the signs posted everywhere. "Don't use our towels to wash your car. Have a nice day." Smiley face. "If you steal our towels, we will call the RMPs (Royal Mounted Police). Have a nice day." Smiley face. It was pretty funny.Buffalo crossing the highway.

We traveled the AL-CAN, the Alaska-Canadian Highway, initially built during World War II. It was and still is a popular tourist destination for people wanting to experience the drive. Lots of small towns, mountains and Dall sheep dot the way. In one small town we ran into a family of four also going to our base and struck up a friendship that lasted several years.

The drive certainly helped us bond and make memories as a family. And isn’t that what vacations are about? Getting to know each other again? Although I don’t look at moving as a vacation — the Good Chaplain does — I do enjoy driving across country seeing new sights and just getting to know each other again.

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  1. Out of all that…what I heard was…you are going to be grandparents. GET OUT! We are so happy for all of you!


    The Millers

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