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My neighborhood is its own little community.

neighborsOur neighbors are friendly, but it seems since we found out we were staying another year, a flood gate opened in our neighborhood.  I knew I held  back getting too close to my neighbors because our assignment was for a year. Apparently they felt the same way.

When we announced we were staying, I’ve become popular. Don’t get me wrong, our neighbors have always been friendly and kind, but in the past few weeks I’ve been invited for drinks, coffee, lunch and ice cream. And my patio door is getting a workout. I think people knocked on it more in two weeks than the previous nine months combined.

I am not complaining.  I love this neighborhood and all the children outside playing. And the moms are a lot of fun. And as I said, I held myself back. Now I am ready to jump in and be a real part of this community.

I discovered what makes this neighborhood so great. At any time you can see women crossing the backyard to one another’s homes. They share baked goods and meals.  If a child leaves some clothing at another house, the mom washes it and then returns it. Toys, usually strewn across the common area in the back, are periodically collected and given back to their owners. And the children are safe to play in the backyard because at least one mom is always watching.

This neighborhood is a community, a village supporting each other and caring for each other, celebrating or commiserating with each other.  I am lucky enough to live here for another year.

What is your neighborhood like? Let me know in the comments section.


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