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Moving on Up — Not This Time

The first time I visited the Good Chaplain in Italy, we found out we were moving to Alaska. This time, we heard nothing until a week after I returned. Then we learned we weren’t going anywhere this summer. Oklahoma and Tinker AFB get  us for another year!

I found out about that Alaska move  by accident. I returned from Italy on Sunday. Monday, while walking with my ladies, I went on and on about how much I would like living in Europe — how great it was and such. My friends looked at each other.

 “You don”t know?” they asked?

“Know what?” I replied.

“You’re moving to Alaska,” they said in unison.

It appears the news was announced in chapel the previous morning. Only one little glitch — no one told the Good Chaplain first. I called him when I  got home.  He was flying with the squadron so I left the message, “Call me. I know where we are moving.”

As soon as I hung up, the phone rang several times as friends wanted to know what I thought about going to Alaska. As happy as I was, I was also angry that the chaplain announced our assignment. What if all the phone calls came before my ladies told me?

After telling the Good Chaplain and our families — my mom was excited because she always wanted to see Alaska; the Good Chaplain’s mom wanted to know what he had done wrong to get such an assignment –I went over to the chapel to express my displeasure. You see, even though we were new to the Air Force, I knew that assignments are not made public until the Air Force member was notified first.

I have this quirk the Good Chaplain calls “the wrath of Vicki.” I have it under control now, but then, not so much,. It is not pretty and you really don’t want to be on the receiving end. Let’s just say the chaplain who announced our

assignment received a piece of it, although I’m pretty sure I did not unleash the total wrath on him. I was in the chapel, after all. Luckily for him, we were happy with the assignment.

Next time, we will talk about the real PCS. That’s a whole different story.

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  1. We’re sorry the opportunity won’t work out yet, but to be fair, we’re glad we still have our neighbors for another year!

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