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Military friends are the best

Donovan and Brie take a breather

The Good Chaplain left a week ago and I am missing him terribly. What I really miss is not calling him in the afternoon just to check in. We can’t talk once a day and that is really hard. But I have really good friends who are helping me through it.

And that is something I learned early in my life as a military spouse — if your spouse can’t be there, your friends are. In fact, this past weekend I went with a friend to Austin, TX so I could watch her children while she attended a job fair. Her husband is deployed also and she needed an extra hand. I love her children, Donovan and Brie,¬†as if they were my grandchildren so it was no hardship and we had a good time.

I’ve had friends who helped me take a shower, cleaned my house and even cleaned out my refrigerator when I had a broken foot. (That’s a story for the near future.) Another friend is driving me to the doctor tomorrow for a minor procedure and I’m driving her to get a rental car on Thursday.

So military or not, if a friend asks what they can do to make your life better, easier, happier, don’t be shy. Let them know what you need and be sure to reciprocate if you can.

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  1. You and Dave are in my thoughts, Vicky
    No matter how many years its been – good friends are good friends – miss you!
    P.S. Just read the Gigi story – its great to start the day cracking up!

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