The adventures of an Air Force spouse

Keep that resume handy.

I updated my résumé this week — if I decide to work at some point. I think it is important to keep an updated résumé. You never know when an opportunity will come along.

resumeA few weeks, or maybe months, ago, I read some advice about using a résumé format that highlighted skills instead of work experience. I love that idea and that’s what I used this time.

My initial thought was it was like my husband’s performance reports. You highlight those skills you do well and put it in bullet form. It’s quick and easy to read. That appealed to me.

So, I started out with my skills — writing, editing, proofreading, page layout, things I’d gleaned along the way. Then I listed my college degree and continuing education courses, and finally, my work experience and duties at each place.

For someone like me, who works for others sporadically, this was easier than trying to explain

 big gaps in my job history. In my opinion, this form of résumé works best for military spouses because we move around so much and may have gaps in our history. We want to show what we are capable of, even when we haven’t done it in a while.

Lots of templates exist on the internet to help create the perfect résumé. You can also get help at your base Airmen and Family Readiness Center, your Army Community Services, or your Fleet and Family Center.

Start working on that résumé now. You never know when you will be “discovered” and need to produce one.

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