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I sure hope Hawaii is paradise because it’s hell trying to get there

In all our 25 years in the Air force, we never moved “overseas.” Alaska is overseas according to the military, but we could drive there so that didn’t count. But, even though Hawaii is a state in the United States, for obvious reasons we can’t drive there. Everything is shipped, including the cats. And therein lies the biggest issue — how to get the cats to Hawaii for the least amount of money. (While I want to go for ease and convenience, the Good Chaplain is looking at the cost.)

Hawaii still quarantines pets entering the country. They want to keep their islands rabies free and I applaud that. But I think they really just want to make a buck. The animals are quarantined a minimum of 120 days. A portion of the quarantine happens while still on the mainland, IF certain test are done.  Done, except we did not know 120 days before our arrival date, that we were even going to Hawaii. The cats will be quarantined for about 6 weeks at $14/day per pet. We’ve explored all our options, and that actually is the best deal for us.

I can hear my mother, and plenty of others, saying just get rid of them, but I can’t. They are family members. We got River when he was 3 months old in 1996 in Alaska. He is 16, has some old-age issues, but is basically healthy. Karma, 6, came to us when she was almost a year old. She had a rough first year of life being passed around and possibly abused. It took her a long time to trust the Good Chaplain and me and we can’t even fathom leaving her behind with anyone. Not to mention, no one will take her because she loves Dave and me, but no one else. She’s basically not even nice to others. Somehow and at some cost, the cats will be going to Hawaii.

What really torques me, though, is that the cats had to have rabies vaccines and then a test to prove that the vaccine worked and they do not have rabies and we still have to quarantine them at great expense. You would think if we can prove they are vaccinated and do not have rabies, that would be sufficient. But I think it is Hawaii’s way of ripping new residents off before they even get there!

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  1. Hope you enjoy the 50th State. It is beautiful! I know you loved the 49th state, but you will notice a significant difference in the weather. I occasionally check your facebook page to keep track of you, but don’t get around to writing. We are still at Vandenberg AFB and I am fully engaged as a full time volunteer, running the Retired Center, serving on the Honor Guard, Chapel Parish Council, as Air Force association Senior VP, and AFSA Division Trustee, plus Chiefs Group Executive Council (total 50-60 hrs per week). God Speed! Chief Norm Marous

  2. Karma…abused. I hope you are referring to something I don’t know about because that really hurts to read that accusation. I can guarantee she was never abused during her time with me and I would have done anything to keep her but that obviously was against the will of others.
    On another note, I had no clue Hawaii had those extreme rules for pets. Wow!

    • Amanda, i in no way meant to imply that you did anything to her, but we suspect that at some point when she was not in your care that something happened because it took her more than a year to trust us and you can ask Marissa how she is with other people. But we adore her and plan on loving her for a very long time!

      • I guess its been do long I don’t even remember her being with anyone between us and you. That makes me sad tho…she was a sweet kitty. Good luck getting them there!!!

  3. I totally feel your pain. We spent roughly $5000 on the dogs to get them here and we didn’t even have to have them quarantined. I’m with mom and everyone else…. get rid of them. 😉

  4. Vicki, Tell Dave he’s getting off easy. When we pcs’d to England, our dogs were in quarantine (prison) for 6 mos. It cost about $5,000 for the whole thing. Have fun on your pcs. Looks like we’re moving back to FL this summer. Jon

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