The adventures of an Air Force spouse

Have at you!

MC900216576Death always hurts on some level, whether it is a close family member or friend or a member of your community. It hurts on some level even when you did not directly know the person.

Our Air Force family lost four members this weekend in a plane crash in Afghanistan and, although I did not know any of them, I did indirect ties to three of them and can see how their losses affect the communities around them.

One was from Hawaii, another grew up in Oswego, IL, not far from where I grew up, and the third was stationed at Tinker AFB in Oklahoma, where we lived before Hawaii. Newspapers headlines from the Air Force communities as well as their home towns told about the losses and how neighbors, family members and co-workers felt about these men who were away fighting for our nation.

I can only imagine what their friends and family are thinking, but I know what’s happening in their units. People are walking around stunned and hurting. It’s unbelievable that they will never see this person alive again. He will no longer come back with stories of the mission and the sights he saw while deployed.

But even though they are no longer here physically, they will be remembered fondly and they will always be part of the Air Force family.

So, in the words of the 18th Agressor Squadron at Eielson AFB — “Have at you,” ┬áCapt. Reid Nishizuka, Capt. Brandon Cyr, Staff Sgt. Richard Dickson and Staff Sgt. Daniel Fannin.

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