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Do you worry when your spouse is gone?

Kim Jong-un

The dangerGood Chaplain is out of the country. I’m not going to say where in honor of operational security, but he could be in potential danger. I guess when he leaves, he could be in potential danger. Several people asked me if I am nervous about this trip. I always answer, “he is probably safer where he is than I am in Hawaii,” because Kim Jong-un  indicated he might launch one of his missiles against Hawaii. But I’m not really worried about that either. I figure if he launches against us, we will intercept the missile and then rain down a lot of hurt on him and his country. Of course, that would open up another can of worms because then we would leave a nation of people, who don’t like us, without any leadership whatsoever.

 Do you worry when your spouse is gone? I think we all do to some extent. As a chaplain, my husband is a non-combatant and relies on others to keep him safe. That worries me sometimes, although I think he would do what he could to defend himself if it came down to it. Luckily, the Good Chaplain hasn’t been in any real dangerous places, although he’s been close. When he was in Africa, his camp was 10 miles from Somalia and some of his trips took him to an area of Kenya where Somalian pirates were kidnapping people. There was the Skype call when he suddenly ducked out of the picture and said he heard gun shots. Thanks for that knowledge. It turned out they were not close to him.

But the gunshot incident reminded of the time at Warner Robins when he was counseling a woman having problems in her marriage. She came to the chapel during the day while her husband was at work and brought his loaded rifle. He called to tell me he was coming home late and just as I picked up the phone, he said, ” Don’t point that gun at me. It’s loaded.” Uh, honey, is there a problem? It turned out another chaplain picked up the gun to look at it and pointed it in my husband’s direction. So, see, even a few blocks from home he was in danger.

While something happening is always at the back of my mind when he is gone, I try not to dwell on it. I look forward to our talks and spend the rest of my time doing what I have to do at home. And I don’t watch the news too often — once a day to keep up with the world, but not more than that. I know danger is out there, but I have to trust that God will take care of us until we see each other again.

What is your biggest worry when your spouse is gone?  Let me know in the comments section below.

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