The adventures of an Air Force spouse

A shout-out to my posse

I have a posse. I’m excited about that because I’m not sure I ever had a posse before. My posse is the women with whom I go to Lunch Bunch¬†once a month and sit with during Officer Spouse Club meetings. And we hang with each other at different times too. We definitely stay in touch on Facebook.

We come from different backgrounds and places, although a lot of the ladies are¬†from Missouri lately. Some of us have young children. Others of us have grown children. Some have no children. I think I’m the only one with grandchildren. But we have that bond of all being military spouses.

What I like about these women is we stick together, but we have no trouble bringing in new people as well. We’re definitely not “cliquishMy Posse!.” A new person came to lunch with us last week. Hopefully, she will become part of the posse. She fit right in.

Unfortunately, as happens all the time in the military, we are losing a member of our posse soon. Casey is moving to Colorado Springs. Boo! I don’t like that part of the military at all! But we’ve talked about that before.

So I guess I’ll say, “Ladies, let’s make the most of our time together, because next year we will lose more of us.” We need each other and the help we can give each other while we are together.

Love my posse! You know who you are.

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