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A letter to myself

Recently I was going through the journals I’ve kept over the years. In one, while we lived in Minot, North Dakota, I found a letter I wrote to my 10-year-old self. The date of the journal entry is Feb. 27, 2001 –just about 13 years ago. I must have written it in response to some writing prompt. I thought it was interesting. I hope you all enjoy it.

Dear Vicki,

Boy 1969. At 10 years old you sure don’t realize what a historic time you are living through — Woodstock, Vietnam, Watergate. Or what amazing things you will use in the Letter writingfuture as you grow up — microwaves, calculators, computers.

I know at 10 you are a gangly girl, very unsure of herself. Don’t worry. You’ll soon decide what you want to be when you grow up, and guess what? You do it!

I know you feel lonely at times, but when you grow up, you will have many people who will like you and admire you. You are going to do things your brothers and sisters only dream of. So keep your chin up.

You are going places kid!

Reading this again was fun.  I know that because of the amazing people I’ve met through the military and the places we’ve gone, my life is really good. And it is fun to think about all the things that happened since I wrote this journal entry in 2001 — 9/11, war, daughters leaving home, moving back to Alaska, daughters getting married, grandchildren, and living in Hawaii.

Thanks for the wonderful ride, Good Chaplain and the Air Force.

What would you write to your 10-year-old self? Share in the comments section.

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