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Chappy T Wife to become a book!

Chappy T Wife LogoI’m so excited! I am working on a short e-book based on this blog. The tentative title is Lessons I’ve Learned as a Military Spouse. Do you like that title? Do you have any suggestions for a different title? I’m open to any and all suggestions.

I’ve tossed around the idea of turning ChappyTWife into a book for a while now. But I like to follow a blog by Nina Amir which provides lots of writing prompts and ideas. The most recent one I came upon in my file talked about writing a short, less than 100 pages, book because it can be done fairly quickly. It also gives me practice for the longer book I am working on based on my Eastern Africa blog.

I am so bad about writing consistently, as you can tell if you’ve followed either blog or my newsletter for any length of time. I am trying to do better with that. Working on these books is certainly helping that effort as well.

I hope you will watch for more book and purchase it when the time comes. I’ll probably give a few freebies to subscribers of this blog and my newsletter. So stay tuned. And don’t worry – the book will have some new stuff you haven’t read before.