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Nursing is not my bag

I am not cut out to be a nurse. I don’t see how nurses do all they do with many patients. I only have one and I am going crazy.

You see, the Good Chaplain had foot surgery to clean out an arthritic joint. Post op instructions include lying in bed with his foot propped up on pillows for at least a week. “Toes above the nose” is what the doctor actually said. That means meals in bed, help to the bathroom, getting his medicine, something to drink, snacks, etc.

The Good Chaplain has to keep his "toes above his nose" following surgery.
The Good Chaplain has to keep his “toes above his nose” following surgery.

Also, now I have to do all the cooking and cleaning up, and all the things he does around the house. Normally, this is not a bad thing. He’s deployed eight times and I did all those things while he was gone. The big difference is I did them on my time and my schedule. Most of the deployments it was me and the girls. Some it was just me. Simple. Although I had more work to do, it got done when I felt like it.

The Good Chaplain is a good patient. For the most part he’s followed doctor’s orders and he tries not to bother me. But I am still cranky and, frankly, exhausted. I bought a Fitbit® tracker to see how many steps I actually take between the kitchen and the bedroom. I’m also sleeping in the guest room so I don’t kick his foot.

Friends helped a lot by bringing some meals and coming to visit him. That kept him occupied for a while. I love the Air Force camaraderie.

Now we are in the second week and things slowed down a bit. He’s not loopy on pain pills. He can get around more with crutches. He’s getting work done on his work tablet. But at his first post op visit, his foot was still quite swollen so the doctor ordered the Good Chaplain back to bed for another week.

I think we finally have a routine going – until he goes back to work and I get a new title: chauffeur.