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The only house I really disliked

Our house in Minot is the only house in our military life I truly disliked. It is the only house I actually cried about. And what’s sad is it was the best of the three choices we had. Scary thought, that statement.girl crying

Normally, after moving and living in our travel trailer for weeks, any house would be a step up, but not this one. Let me see if I can describe it. First, you walk in the door — not just the front door, the ONLY door. To the left behind a pocket door is the 10-by-10 kitchen with its one short row of cabinets. The housing office told us if we chose one of the other houses, we would eventually getTiny_House_Lending a dishwasher. Yep, no dishwasher. They were reserved for majors and above. Our particular model home would not be getting a dishwasher.

To the right of the entrance was the six steps up to the three bedrooms and the bathroom. Another set of six stairs led down to the basement. We’ll get to that in a minute.

Straight ahead from the door was the living room/dining room combination. The only problem was both my living room and dining room furniture would not fit together in the allotted space. We put the dining room and a small sitting room in the area and the basement was designated the living room.

It was the most spacious area of the 900-square-foot home. A prior occupant built a room to one side which we used as our office. The rest held our sectional couch, a coffee table, entertainment center and television. Oh, and the Guinea pig cage, the washer and dryer, the furnace and all the exposed pipes.

I did learn one thing from this home which should have been condemned 20 years before we lived there. In the military, we roll with the punches and no matter how crappy the living conditions, we can always make it a home as long as we are together as a family.