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A New Officer and a Bride in the Same Week

I’ve written often of the Air Force ‘family’ and how along the way we’ve picked up other “children” and many “grandchildren” along the way. Some of these children are in our lives for only a short time, while others we’ve watched grow and become wonderful young people.

One of the latter is the daughter of our very good friends from our second time in Alaska. Recently we had the privilege of attending her commissioning as a Second Lieutenant in the United States Air Force on a Sunday and her wedding the following Saturday.

This particular Second Lieutenant came into our lives in 2006 when we returned to Eielson Air Force Base, Alaska as empty-nesters, having left our own two daughters in Illinois where they attended college. She filled the void we felt without our daughters.

Over the years, as we’ve moved to different areas of the U.S., we’ve watched from afar as Second Lieutenant grew into a gracious, mature young woman ready to take the next step and follow her father into the Air Force. She will do well as an Air Force officer or in anything else she chooses to do with her life. She honored both the Good Chaplain and I by inviting us to be with her on the day she took this oath of office.

Second Lieutenant dances with her dad at her wedding on May 10, 2014
Second Lieutenant dances with her dad at her wedding on May 10, 2014

And we were equally honored six days later when the Good Chaplain performed her wedding ceremony to her high school sweetheart, another Second Lieutenant in the Air Force. We are excited to watch these two young people begin their lives together in service to our country and each other.