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The Good Chaplain is now the Good Colonel!

Yep, you read that right. The Good Chaplain will pin on the rank of Colonel on June 1. It is so exciting and I am so proud of him. He does his job so well.Colonel insignia

To tell him of his promotion, the Good Chaplain’s boss cooked up quite a plot. The Air Force released the promotion list on April 17, but as is tradition, notified those affected the day before. Those not selected find out in the morning and those selected are told at the end of the day. We did not hear anything all day. Then, mid-afternoon, the Good Chaplain’s boss knocked on my door and told me,”In 75 minutes a car will come and get you. You will be taken to a room where you will wait until you are told to go to another room. You will be given instructions and then you will be escorted into a room where your husband will be. You will do as you are told and you will speak of this to no one.” Of course, at that point I knew the Good Chaplain was selected.

In 75 minutes, Mrs. Boss picked me up and took me to the office next to the Chaplain’s office, where several staff members and friends were also waiting. Of course, the Good Chaplain was anxious because he hadn’t heard anything and decided to go for a walk, so we had to make sure we dodged him. Boss came in and told me the game plan. He was going to stall telling the Good Chaplain and then I would walk in.

The Good Chaplain receives mock Eagles from his boss.
The Good Chaplain receives mock Eagles from his boss.

Soon the Technical Sergeant came and got all of us. She knocked on Boss’ door. “Excuse me, do you have a counseling appointment?” she said to the Good Chaplain. I already pictured the annoyed look on his face. “No,” he said. “Oh, because there is a Colonel’s wife out here to see you.” At that point I walked in.

The Good Chaplain first looked annoyed and then confused — what is my wife doing here? “Hi, I’m a Colonel’s wife,” I said, throwing myself into his arms. I don’t think it hit him until our friends and co-workers walked in after me.

It was priceless. And now the changes begin.