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Minot — A Step Up

Minot logoMoving from Fairbanks, Alaska to Minot, North Dakota was a step up in some ways. First, Minot was bigger than Fairbanks. I remember meeting a girl from Minot who just moved to Fairbanks. When I told her we wanted to move to Minot, she told me not to get my hopes up.

“Oh but you don’t understand,” I said. “You are new here. Minot has a real mall and a Dairy Queen.” Dairy Queen is a staple in the our household and the nearest to Fairbanks was in Seattle, WA

Second, Minot Air Force Base was only 11 miles from town, while Eielson Air Force Base was 25 miles from Fairbanks — shorter commute to shopping.

Moving to Minot was like taking a trip back in time. The values were straight from the 1950s. After only a week in North Dakota, the Good Chaplain took our only vehicle in to have for some work done. The mechanic needed to order a part. When the Good Chaplain asked how much he owed for the work already done, the guy told him to just take the car and he could pay for everything when the part came in. What? We’d never had that kind of trust from a business in our lives.

But that’s the way “Minotians” rolled. People trusted each other. Your word and a handshake were your bond. The townspeople were honest, hardworking rural people who helped each other out and treated each other with the Golden Rule: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. It was a pleasure moving into such a community.

What about you? Did you ever live in a town like Minot? Tell me about your experiences in the comment section.

The Minot Years Begin

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A letter to myself

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