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Deja Vu: The Promotion Wait — Again

The Good Chaplain and I find ourselves in the same position we were in last year — waiting to see if he makes¬†Colonel and whether we leave Hawaii or not.

After being passed over last year for promotion, we both keep telling ourselves and each waiting-490910other that it doesn’t matter, but I think it kind of does matter. I think we both want him to move up this time, but we are guarding our hearts and egos against the shattering blow they took last year.

However, I hate this waiting game. The promotion board met in November, for pity’s sake. They are not releasing the list until early or mid-March. The military delayed the announcement¬†from mid-February. Don’t they realize our life is at stake here?

Everything — where we go or don’t go, what we do or don’t do, whether we retire or not all — depends on two things, the promotion board and the assignments people.

The Good Chaplain thinks no matter what, we will stay in Hawaii another year. As much as I like Hawaii, I pray that is not so. Oh sure, it’s warm and sunny all the time and we have the beautiful beaches and breathtaking mountains and blah, blah, blah.

We also have 10-plus hour plane rides to get anywhere and they are EXPENSIVE. We have a daughter and son-in-law in Illinois. We have aging parents in Illinois and Wisconsin. We have friends and family on the mainland. Heck, we even have a daughter, son-in-law and grandson living in England. Ever fly from Honolulu to London? I have twice and will go again this summer when Tony B gets a new brother, whom we shall call Tito for now. It is not a fun, relaxing flight.

Anyway, all this grumbling to say that I hope A) the Good Chaplain makes Colonel this year and B) we find out where we are going soon so we can make some plans!

I love the travel

I love the travel opportunities being a military spouse has given me, especially since the girls are out on their own now. For instance, one snowy, cold day in Alaska, the Good Chaplain came to me and said,”I’ve got to get out of here. Let’s go to Kauai.” Okay. You don’t have to ask me…Continue Reading