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I’m tired of being trampled on!

First-AmendmentOkay, I am going to very blunt today and some of you may not like what I say, but it needs saying.  It is time for Christians to fight back against the vocal minority in this country.

An opinion piece written by a chaplain I know was pulled from the base newspaper because he talked about “no atheist in a foxhole.” It’s a common phrase. And the column was a historical look at war and faith. But one group, which is a thorn in the side of the Chaplain Corps, complained and the base commander caved and pulled the article.

As a Christian, I’m fed up. People in this nation are supposed to bend over backwards to not offend other religions or ethnicities, but please, feel free to bash Christians at every turn.

Personally, I don’t believe in atheism. You can’t fight so hard against something you claim doesn’t exist. If you believe there is no God or higher power, then you have no reason to fight so hard against religion.

I am a Christian. I respect your right to believe or not believe as you wish. But please respect my right to do the same. I am a citizen, born and raised, of the United States of America. I respect your wish to live here to so you can experience the same freedoms I do, but remember, when I am in your nation, I try to experience your culture and speak your language, so please do the same in mine.

Despite what the current administration, the United States Supreme Court or others would have you believe, this is a nation built on freedom OF religion. The nation came about because a group of pioneers in England were tired of being persecuted because they followed a religion different from the state religion. So they risked life and limb to travel thousands of miles to live where they were free to practice whichever denomination or religion they chose. They didn’t do this because they wanted to ban religion completely, but400px-Religion_icon.svg_ just the opposite.

So Muslims, Jews, Buddhists, Hindu, and others  are  welcome to come to this nation and freely practice their religion. It’s time we Christians take our rights back too! I’m tired of walking on egg shells to not offend someone while my rights as a Christian are trampled on.