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Oh, go take a hike!

This past weekend we hiked….and hiked and then threw in a hike on Tuesday, just for fun. Now I like to hike and the trails on Oahu are great. But three hikes, two on Saturday and one on Tuesday, were a bit much for this 53-year-old, out-of-shape body!Hike # 1

Our first hike Saturday took place in a forest. It was nice and cool, and muddy and slippery. I walked most of the trail, but when I got to the creek crossing and looked at the vertical hill to the top, I decided it was time to stop. I parked myself on a rock on the bank of the creek and sent the Good Chaplain on his way.

The second hike, planned by a chaplain friend, was a different story. Our friend told me the hike was easy. A few spots were steep, but not bad. And, the selling point — it was dry! I agreed to try even though I was pretty tired.

As usual, I lagged the rest of the group. Hiking is hard work and I stopped several times to catch my breath. As we went up and up, I rested more often. The sun beat down on us. Sweat poured down my face. About 300 yards from the finish line, my legs rebelled.

“I can’t go any further,” I told the Good Chaplain. “My legs are refusing to move.”

We parked ourselves in a little clearing overlooking the bay below us. The wind blew The rope on hike #2through my sweaty hair and clothing, cooling me off. Just then, our friend called the Good Chaplain’s cell. “You are so close. I hate for you to miss this view. I’ll meet you halfway and help you up the rest of the way.”

We continued on. Someone installed a rope to help people pull themselves up the very steep hill. Chaplain friend held the rope taut ahead of me, while the Good Chaplain did the same below me. I grudgingly trudged up the last 300 yards, with a promise of amazing views and, more importantly, chocolate at the top. The views were beautiful and I did get my chocolate.

Once back at the bottom, I chastised Chaplain friend for saying it was an easy hike. “I forgot how steep some of it was,” he smiled. Honestly, I think the second hike wouldn’t have been so bad if I hadn’t already hiked another trail that day.

I can’t say the same for the Tuesday hike. Again Chaplain friend said it was easy, but to me it was anything but easy. Unless you like steep, rocky, curvy trails. As I sat at the firstHike #3 World War II-era pillbox, I did pick out a few houses and some empty lots on the beach the Good Chaplain could buy for me if he were so inclined!

As hard as the hikes were, I enjoyed pushing myself and proving I could do it. But I think┬ámaybe I’ll become a beach person instead of a hiker!

What do you do to challenge yourself? Please share in the comments below.