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Some places will always seem like home

We pulled into the neighborhood and I couldn’t help but sigh. We were home. At least it felt that way. The Good Chaplain and I were checking out the house we own in Deatsville, AL. I always felt at home in this neighborhood. When we were looking for a home to buy in 2005, I just knew this was the neighborhood in which I wanted to live. The Good Chaplain was equally sure about the particular house.

This house is my dream home. It was just framing when we walked into it so we got to pick out everything — the tile, the cabinets, the light fixtures, the paint colors.

DSC05740We even had a screened porch put on the back. That’s what we were there to see. As much as I love that porch, I fear we will have to take it down. It was an experiment for everyone, us and the builder. And it wasn’t working.

Whenever it rained, the water just poured into the porch, soaking the indoor/outdoor carpet. While we lived in the house, we used a Shop-Vac to dry the porch off. But after we moved and rented the home, that was something we couldn’t ask the tenants to keep up with. Since the house backs up to woods and the porch faced north, it never got enough sun to dry it out and keep the mildew at bay.

So now, seven years and new carpet later, while the Good Chaplain attended a course at Maxwell AFB, I joined him on the trip and set up a time to look at the house. The house is in good shape. Our property manager and all our tenants make sure to keep it up. But that porch is still bothersome.

The property manager called a construction company for ideas and estimates. Even with extending the eaves and using a tighter mesh on the screens, we will continue to have the problem. I think the Good Chaplain and I came to the same conclusion. We are going to have to take the porch down and put a deck in instead. It breaks my heart because I’ve always dreamed of a screened-in porch.

I still love the house. It is still my dream home. Although we do not plan to return to Alabama upon retirement, this home will always be special to me. It is the first home to truly depict my style. We plan to live in our Illinois home when the Good Chaplain retires, but if we change our mind, we still have the house plans, so who says we can’t build it elsewhere?

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