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Aloha and other stuff

It’s been a while since I’ve written because, well, I was traveling and moving and setting up our new house.. When last I posted, we were trying to figure out how to get the cats to Hawaii. A lot has happened since then.

We left Oklahoma on May 2. The Good Chaplain had a sinus infection so we had to go to the doctor before we could leave town. We camped in Illinois near Illinois Girl and Soccer Dude. While there, we bought a third house as our retirement home and the kids will live in it until the Good Chaplain retires — three to five years from now. Illinois Girl and Soccer Dude are having fun painting and buying things before they move into the house.

Right before we left Illinois for Wisconsin and other parts of Illinois to visit family, our 16-year-old

R.I.P. River

cat, River, died. The Good Chaplain and I came home from Illinois Girl’s, he greeted us as usual, ate a little, used the litter box, laid down on table seat and had a stroke. It was horrible, but also a blessing. He died before we had to pay all the huge quarantine fees for him and it did not happen on the plane en route to Hawaii. We took him to Illinois Girl’s veterinarian and they took very good care of his remains.

That left the Good Chaplain and Karma to make the long trek from Bloomington, IL to Honolulu, HI on their own. On the day they left, May 17,  Mrs. Staff Sergeant delivered our first grandson, Tony B. , two weeks early. It just about killed me to have to stay in the U.S. for another ten days before I finally got to go to England. He is adorable. I went to England on May 27 and stayed until June 18. Although I was there mainly to spoil Tony B., I did get some site seeing in at Edmund-St. Bury’s and Cambridge. I also spent quality time with my good friend, Megan, and her husband and son. The Good Chaplain and I hope to make a trip to England again this fall.

Tony B.

The flight from England to Honolulu was looooong. I awoke on Monday at 4 a.m. England time and finally went to sleep at 9 p.m. Tuesday. My flight took me from London to Philadelphia and then on to San Diego. In San Diego, I got a hotel room, but was not able to sleep much, since I had to leave again around 3:30 a.m. It wasn’t until I was on the way to my gate that I noticed I did not have my cell phone, but I was too tired to care and decided to take care of it when I got to Honolulu. Shout out to the very honest taxi driver who found my phone, called Soccer Dude and got it back to me after several missteps!

And now, the Hawaii adventure begins.