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Monthly Archives: February 2012

Now the journey continues

Life just keeps getting more interesting. Senior Airman (soon-to-be Staff Sergeant) and Mrs. Senior Airman are safely ensconced in England and Baby Senior Airman is growing nicely in his mother’s tummy. We are looking for him to make his arrival (yep, it’s a boy) sometime around the end of May or early June. Nonna, my chosen Grandma name, can’t wait!

In the meantime, the Good Chaplain and I are preparing for our move to — drum roll please — Hawaii. I know you are all feeling very sorry for us now. But it really will  be tough sitting on the lanai drinking Mai Tai’s and thinking about Baby Senior Airman all the way on the other side of the world.

I am one lucky woman getting to live in paradise three times in her life — once in Hawaii and twice in Alaska. One of the really wonderful things about Alaska that never got old was the wildlife, particularly the moose. The moose is not a pretty animal, but somehow they come across as regal and majestic.

Momma moose and her twins get a snack from the tree in our front yard.

The first time I saw a moose up close and personal was one morning when our cat, Jamey, was laying on the back of the couch and I opened the blinds for him to look out and there was a momma and her calf. And I mean right there — maybe 30 yards away. She was looking at the house as if it were an intrusion, which it probably was. The houses  on land previously belonging to the wildlife. This moose apparently did not get the memo and seemed confused about how to get to the willow brush behind the house. Luckily, she decided to go around and not through the house and found her target.

From then on we could see moose in the willow, on the berm in the back or out front across the street in the playground or just ambling down the street. And I never grew tired of stopping and watching them when I saw one. It was awe-inspiring.