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Monthly Archives: January 2012

Updates on the Good Chaplain and other stuff

When I last left you, way back in August, (sorry about that) I was telling you about how much I loved my time in Alaska. And I will get to that in after I catch you up on things in our lives.

The Good Chaplain, after three trips to Brooks Army Medical Center in San Antonio, is well on his way back to full health. No one could determine what he had. One doctor simply said, “Something really pissed off your liver, but now it’s gone.” He feels 100 percent better, although he still feels like he is only 80 percent of where he was pre-illness. I just got used to the ‘new normal’ and now he is returning to ‘old normal.’ I guess that what keeps life exciting!

Senior Airman and Mrs. Senior Airman¬†will soon be Staff Sargeant and Mrs. Staff Sargeant. Senior Airman made Staff on his first time testing. We’re pretty proud. Mrs. Senior Airman had a miscarriage in August, but she is 20 weeks pregnant now and we are looking forward to our first grandchild around June 1. I predict it is a boy. The Senior Airmen now live in England and are loving it.

Soccer Dude and Illinois Girl are doing well in Illinois. Soccer Dude started a new job — an indoor job — where he gets paid regularly and his salary isn’t dependent on the weather. Previously, he worked in landscaping and snow removal. They visited us in Oklahoma for Christmas.

Now that you are updated on the happenings, let’s get on with our Air Force story. As I said before, I absolutely loved Alaska, warm or cold. The place is magical. But as in most places we’ve lived, it is really the people who make it special. Today I’m thinking of the family who took care of our two cats for us until we got into our house.

When we moved to Alaska we had Jamey¬†(the saint, God rest his soul) and a punk cat named, Gus. Beyond flying them to Alaska before we left Georgia, we didn’t know what we were going to do with them once they got there. But this wonderful chapel family, who lived in the town of North Pole, (yes, it is a real place) agreed to pick them up at the airport and house them for us for what ended up being eight weeks. Why would you do that for perfect strangers? Because that is the military way. A fellow airman needs help and people help out. That is a lesson that repeats itself over and over again in the military.