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Return to me — in the same condition!

When you loan something to someone don’t you expect it to come back to you in the same condition, or even better? I do, but the Air Force continually returns the Good Chaplain to me in less than ideal condition.

He has been home for a month now and we spent at least two of those weeks at the doctor’s office. He went to an urgent care for one thing and ended up with symptoms a lot worse than what he went in for. Either the Good Chaplain is a closet alcoholic or something else is going on because his liver enzymes were higher than they should be.

This cheetah takes a lick of the Good Chaplain

Since he was in countries where alcohol is not consumed for seven months, we must assume something else is going on. The Tinker AFB doctor suspected malaria. The subsequent tests showed no active malaria, but liver enzymes even higher than they were originally. And he was so tired. Seriously, he was so fatigued he could barely stay awake — afternoon naps, bedtime at 9 p.m. How is this even vaguely useful to me? I had a honey-do list when he got home and he had no energy to do it. Plus we had two trips to take. We still took them but he spent a lot of time sleeping while I drove.

This is not the first time he has come back ill or injured after a deployment. He came home from New Hampshire with salmonella, from Alabama on crutches with a bum knee (that was to get out of mowing the lawn, I’m pretty sure). And we were all in Illinois when he came down with West Nile Virus. technically that wasn’t military related since we were on leave and together, but still.

I want to demand some recourse from the Air Force, but I can’t think of one that would bring him home healthy. I suppose they could keep him gone until he is healthy again, but then we would be separated longer and I wouldn’t like that either.  And his medical care is free so I

I guess I really can’t complain that he comes home with these strange ailments. At least he came home alive and in one piece!